New Ceiling Fan Installations

3 hr | $300

Install Ceiling Fan, wiring, and switch as needed. Customer will provide ceiling fan. If ceiling is over 12 feet tall, customer needs to call.

Light Fixture Replacements

1 hr | $140 - $200 for 1 or 2

Remove old light fixtures and install new ones that customer has provided. Typical variables include 8-10' ceilings, existing wiring is good, and fixture box is correct. Any differences, we can work through and discuss on the job. The trip fee is $80 and the time required to change most fixtures is between 20-30 minutes.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

1 hr | $225

Remove a fan and install a new one in its place. The customer provides the fan. No other work is needed - fan rated box and wiring is all present. Anything else that needs to be done would be an additional cost

Install Surge Protected Outlet (SPO) for TV or replace an existing receptacle with SPO

1 hr | $180

This service includes a trip fee of $80. Remove existing outlet and install the Surge Protected Outlet in its place in as little as 15 minutes. Total price will include cost of outlet, trip charge, and 15 minutes of labor. If this is a new outlet location please select NEW Outlet installation.

New Device Installation - Outlets, Switches, Dimmers, GFCI's, etc.

1 hr | $180 - $350

Time and cost varies with this installation. We may need to make holes to get the wiring installed to the location you want the outlet. We will put the drywall back, but we do not spackle. We are providing a typical cost range for a 15 or 20 amp outlet to be installed that could take up to 2 hours. To many variable to list specific prices. Variables include: how far away from the power source, finished or unfinished area of the home, type of outlet - GFCI, Surge Protected, or regular, etc.

Install Data Chase for Hidden Cabling behind your TV

1 hr | $170

Install one opening behind your TV. The second opening would be below your TV to your Equipment. This would include 2 data rings, brush plates, and a string to go from the top opening to the bottom. Any variations would be a different price (farther away). If you would like us to install your cables that would be additional.